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Prof. Dr. Laura Epp Alexandra Schmidt Prof. Dr. Lutz Becks

Environmental Genomics

Within the PhytoArk project, we are working on population genomics of the two algae species Apocalathium malmorgiense (dinoflagellate) and Skeletonema marinoi (diatom). For this, we provide our expertise in working with environmental DNA and our experience with working in ancient DNA laboratories.

Apocalathium malmogiense Skeletonema marinoi
Ancient DNA Laboratory Ancient DNA Laboratory

Prof. Dr. Laura Epp

Laura Epp

I am a Junior Professor for Environmental Genomics at the Limnological Institute at the University of Konstanz. I study biodiversity changes in relation to changes of Earth's surface over geological timescales and across the last decades, centuries and millennia by using genomic data as (paleo-)ecological and evolutionary archives. My methodological focus has been on time series from (ancient) environmental DNA obtained directly from sedimentary deposits and other environmental archives.

Junior Professor | University of Konstanz | Institute page

Background: Environmental Genomics | Molecular Ecology | Molecular Evolution | DNA Sequencing | Cloning | Genetics

Twitter: @laura_epp
ResearchGate: Laura S Epp

Alexandra Schmidt

Alexandra Schmidt

I am interested in studying biodiversity based genomic approaches. I have always been fascinated by aquatic systems (especially marine) and population genomics. I work on genomic data from DNA extraction, bioinformatic data processing to analyses. I have done genomic, metagenomic and metabarcoding research. Currently, I am studying past population genomics of Apocalathium malmogiense and Skeletonema marinoi in the Baltic Sea.

PhD student | University of Konstanz | Institute page

Backround: Genomics | Metagenomics | Metabarcoding | Bioinformatics | Biodiversity Research

Twitter: @alex_schmidt13
ResearchGate: Alexandra Schmidt

Aquatic Ecology and Evolution

We are interested in eco-evolutionary dynamics and in complex systems and the evolution of sex in an ecological context

Prof. Dr. Lutz Becks

Lutz Becks

I am one of the partners that supports WP2. I am an evolutionary limnologist and established high thoughput phenotyping methods for plankton.

Professor | University of Konstanz | Institute page

Background: Genetic Diversity | Evolutionary Biology | Evolution | Aquatic Systems

ResearchGate: Lutz Becks