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Prof. Dr. Inga Hense Dr. Jana Hinners Isabell Hochfeld

Marine ecosystem modeling

Due to our expertise and experience in marine ecosystem modeling, we take charge of WP3. Within the scope of WP3, we develop a marine ecosystem model for the Baltic Sea, which we calibrate for past climate periods using data from WP1 and WP2. With the calibrated model, we perform climate projections and report the results to WP4.

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Prof. Dr. Inga Hense

Inga Hense

I am a Professor in the department of biology at the University of Hamburg. My research focuses on marine ecosystem modelling and I work with aquatic organisms, espacially phytoplankton in marine systems.

Professor | University of Hamburg

Background: Ecology | Phycology | Marine Biology | Numerical Simulation & Modelling | Phytoplankton Ecology | Biological Oceanography

ResearchGate: Inga Hense

Dr. Jana Hinners

Jana Hinners

I study the interaction between marine microorganisms, the phytoplankton, and the environment at Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon, Gesthacht. Specifically, I aim to understand how phytoplankton deal with environmental changes and what consequences arise for the functioning of marine ecosystems and biogeochemical processes like the biological carbon pump. For this purpose I combine lab experiment and data from cruises with ecosystem modelling.

Scientist | Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon

Background: Phytoplankton Ecology | Evolution and Adaption to Environmental Change | Cimate Change | Lab Experiments and Ecosystem Modelling

Twitter: @JanaHinners
ResearchGate: Jana Hinners

Isabell Hochfeld

Isabell Hochfeld

I am a PhD student at the department of Biology at the University of Hamburg with a background in Geophysics, particularly physical volcanology. I develop computer models simulating the marine ecosystem with a specific focus on phytoplankton organisms.
Using these models, I study the eco-evolutionary adaption of phytoplankton to environmental changes and the impact of this adaption on ecosystem functioning and stability.

PhD student | University of Hamburg

Background: Numerical modeling | Evolutionary Biology | Geophysics | Volcanology |Remote Sensing

ResearchGate: Isabell Hochfeld